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http://www.thelocal.ch/20130711/remote-control-helicopter-kills-operator-in-lucerne (http://www.thelocal.ch/20130711/remote-control-helicopter-kills-operator-in-lucerne)

G. was always a very cautious pilot»

He died practising his favorite hobby: The rotors of his model helicopter of the type Gaui X7 hit the 41-year-old Reto G. (name withheld) and inflicted serious injuries on his head and arm - a walker found his body on Wednesday in the area of ​​moss in Mauensee LU. The model helicopter was beside his body.

Peter Germann, president of the Swiss Association of Flight Model (SMV) is shocked by the disaster: "We have lost a highly valued comrade."

G., who lived in the canton of Nidwalden in SMV was active for years and had successfully participated in Model Helicopter competitions at home and abroad. G. was also a member of the Association of a technical group for model helicopters.

«When it comes to safety, he was a role model»

At the RC model club Rigi, whose president G was, they are in chock. Member Mark Goss Weiler says: "It is a drama for us and we need to process this loss." Negligence as a cause he excludes:. "He was always a very cautious pilot" With regard to the safety, G was a role model for the whole model club. What caused the accident, is now investigated by the Sursee police.

Не надо летать в одиночку, вообщем.

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Судя по описанию, даже еслиб он был не один, шансов на выживание было мало.
Жалко парня конечно.